September 13, 2019

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Cubette (box)

Cubette (retired)

Cubette was a very short Leyland vehicle with small wheels and terrible steering. However, we were very pleased to to purchase her at a very reasonable price from her previous owners and were very grateful. Cubette took our Scouts to various places but her furthest trip was to Pressignac in France – no mean feat for her, especially with all our camping kit!


Cubette took us to Chudleigh in 2004 for climbing, caving and abseiling. Her she is pictured watching some of the Scouts preparing a BarBQue in the evening:

Cubette finally left us when her cylinder liners blew through into her crankcase causing cooling water to mix with the oil. She gallantly fought her way down to Hamworthy and rested there while we enjoyed our 2007 centennial summer camp on Long Island. The journey had required three oil changes and we arrived quite late. She then gallantly struggled to be taken to the local breakers with steam pouring from her windows looking more like a tea brewing station than a mode of transport. After deductions for the cost of tyres disposal we were left with exactly what we had paid for her several years before as scrap value and left hurriedly before they changed their minds.