September 13, 2019

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Trek Cart


Our Trek Cart is a little like one of those garden Gnomes – stolen by someone and taken on a tour of the world, sending tantalising photographs back to the owners of their Gnome on the top of Kilamajaro etc.

Our Trek Cart is not stolen, but on permanent loan from Laurie and Jill Bower since they closed Ditton Hill B-P Scout Group due to lack of people to carry the group on. AND, we do send them photos from time to time of their Trek Cart on camp with us.


Ditton Hill B-P Scout Group Trek Cart

 The cart was re-built and painted by Laurie Bower and others in Ditton Hill Group over some time. Since joining 1st Blackwater Valley it has been to France, Somerset, and Devon and also taken part in a local carnival.

cart france

Trek Cart being loaded in France as camp is being packed up after nine days of sunshine

And then taken out to the lane where Mildred is taking shade under some very famous Oak trees.

Patrol boxes beeing unloaded to Mildred